"Calpurnia's Dream" is in fact, a long, long letter that Caesar's widow writes to her late husband, showing all her pain, scarce self-confidence and passionate love for him. But, simultaneously, she also reveals us a unique account of Julius Caear's Rome through her eyes, in which shamanism , historical perspective and a profound analysis of female psychology are combined. Calpurnia Caesaris, like King Arthur's Queen in "Gades y Camelot", is a highly charismatic man's sensuous wife who is still madly in love with her lord and has to face the risk of being repudiated due to her barrenness. She desperately seeks for a way of her own that might enable her to survive her crisis. Her turning point comes through a wise man and a Celtic priestess who initiate her into some kind of unusual healing which was reserved to high-ranked ladies in the past.
This story also offers us the chance to see historical characters from an unknown perspective, such as that deep genuine friendship the heroine shares with Marcus Portius Cato's daughter and wife and , on the other hand , with Sulla's daughter. Caesar is an ageing though still magnetic man, torn between bitter irony and ambition.

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